Shamash Alidina talks with Paul Smit about nonduality, neuroscience and mindfulness. A talk about the direct path to liberation and the famous question: “Who am I?”


Nonduality is an Indian philosophy that was written in the Upanishads (8th-6th centuries BC.) It points to the idea that everything is one energy at play and everything goes as it goes. You, as a body-mind system, are an instrument being played by energy. Our idea of being an individual with free will, is merely an illusion created by our brain.

Planets are circling around in the universe, the wind blows, the tree grows and you are reading this text. It all goes automatically. Because a human being has self-awareness, we see ourselves as a separate individual. This idea is creating a lot of worries and frustration. We are continuously trying to maintain our self-image and we live with fear for what might happen in the future and frustration about things that happened in the past. However, life is much easier than you think, but harder when you think.

All about nothing is a Dutch movie which invites you to transcend the daily rat race by taking a radically different view on life. This ancient Indian philosophy is called non-duality and has been embraced by the likes of Ramana Maharshi, Albert Einstein and Eckhart Tolle. When this insight strikes, your whole life can change drastically… while nothing has to change.

Podcast with neuroscientist James Cooke

Podcast with neuroscientist Ayca Szapora

 Great teaching!
This was so very helpful to me. It was a refresher reading from another of Paul Smit’s books. Really enjoyed the collaboration in this. I highly recommend this.

 Advaita explained and easy to understand
I enjoyed reading this book because of the clear language and down to earth explanation. The metaphors used in the book are very helpful. Life is simple indeed after reading this book. The next book could be about learning how to stay cloudless more. This can be a challenge especially when conditioning of the mind is involved.

Clear, Direct and Powerful
I have the pleasure of calling Scott Byrd a friend and mentor. A Cloudless Mind creates an opportunity for anyone to gain access to their philosophies and grow. The book is simple, direct, and powerful in its message. You may even find yourself laughing at times, both with the book and at yourself. Having privately coached with Scott I feel I now have a quick reference to turn to when I need to clear away some of my own clouds. A must read.




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